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Stage 1 of Workshop - Coming Into View: How To Emerge In The Photographic Industry? with Erik Vroons and Wiktoria Michałkiewicz.

ERIK VROONS (GUP Magazine) and WIKTORIA MICHAŁKIEWICZ (REZO Agency) in a three stage course conducted in Fort Institute of Photography in Warsaw will offer practical guidance for aspiring professional photographers who need support in raising their career to a next level in the international context. What does it take to get your work across to a wider audience?

The participants subscribing to the full course will:

  • Improve the articulation of their identity as artists;
  • Get a step-by step guidance on how to build international exposure;
  • Learn about conceptualizing projects and the value of storytelling;
  • Improve writing artist- and project statements for various outlets;
  • Shape their editing skills for publications, exhibitions and commissioned work;
  • Gain understanding of the complexity of the international photography market and understand their place in it.

Questions addressed:

  • How to build and maintain a supportive network in the industry?
  • What does it take to plan a long-term career strategy?
  • Why is it important to express creative ideas in clear language?
  • When is a project really completed?
  • Which skills are required to become recognized as a pro?


STAGE 1 | Date: 28th of May (Saturday)

  • A Reader (PDF): A basic introductory containing texts, which guides the participants towards having a better orientation of their working field. The reader includes case studies of successfully designed career strategies, an overview structure of the international photography market(s), carefully selected advice from top professionals in the industry and practical tools tailored to the purpose of this workshop. Furthermore, it will document useful information about most relevant competitions, festivals and other opportunities to present a recently produced work internationally. Authors: Vroons & Michalkiewicz (2022). Format: PDF.
  • Online Lectures: A general introduction followed by 2 lectures , each giving context to the articles from the reader and offering a further elaboration based on the expertise of the mentors.

Duration: 2 x 2 hours (+ lunch break)

How to make your practice successful and sustainable? In the first session, Wiktoria will exemplify her experience as an agent with 2 case studies: one being an autonomous artist who mainly initiates projects in the realm of galleries and museums and the other operating predominantly by assignment - be it, as will become clear, that both professional areas have a significant overlap.

Where do I go to find (inter)national exposure? In the second session, Erik will share his experience. In the field of art and documentary photography. The focus will be on how to evolve a project in progress towards public presentation. He will furthermore offer an overview of the wider realm of print- and online media, the festivals and related events (e.g. open calls) and how to best prepare for all sorts of applications and opportunities for exposure.

Overall, these lectures will give an improved orientation on the work field and can help participants get a better grip on the different spheres of the photographic industry, by offering some significant key notes.


Cost: 99 euro (450 zł) (a reader and 4 hr of online lectures)

Sale closing on 16th of May

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To apply for 2 and 3 stage please fill the form:

More about workshop ->

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